About SoKay

Take out the awkwardness, elegantly.

SoKay is a new social innovation that provides solutions to the financial, social and psychological challenges arising from acquaintance and FnF loans, the lending and borrowing activities between friends and family. Through a combination of intuitive and technology-backed methods, SoKay offers human-centric services that aim at different aspects and stages of the lending process.

A few things we’re doing here

Whether you are borrowing or lending, honestly, it’s going to be a process, especially mentally. Having a rational mind and things organized is always a good idea. Of course, we are here by your side and doing a few things to help you out a little. Everything is free. No trial no catch.

Or do you want us to get involved and help you navigate the situation? Try SoKay Kare – a full SoKay concierge experience. Click the heart below. Right, also free.


Nothing too fancy or complicated. We have some thoughtfully prepared agreements and hope to help you start the process right.


We understand that asking your money back can be painful. We have some cute and friendly reminders to send on your behalf so you don’t have to struggle.

third party

SoKay hooks you up with more professional help when you need it. All our partners, from lawyers to debt collectors, are verified and reliable.

the register

The Red Register, the crowdsourced social credit bank we all deserve. Report irresponsible borrowers and help lenders gain back a little power.

SoKay Protocol is the world’s first protocol to provide behavioral guidance for borrowing and lending money between friends and family. The SoKay system and products are all built on SoKay Protocol.
We give you a 360-degree perspective, sprinkled with love and good wishes.


The first one is, well, to avoid it, if you can. Then the list goes on from there… Read our guidebook.


Go beyond a simple IOU and get a strong agreement. Want to negotiate better terms without getting awkward? Try Launchpad.


Be firm and clear. Of course, SoKay is here to facilitate that too. Communication rules.

get help

Professional services exist for a reason. Learn to protect yourself by recruiting their help.

We are evolving. Stay in the loop.

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We share some stories and tips here from us and our friends. Your submissions are also very welcomed.

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