Ladies and gentlemen,

May we have the honor to present to you, our latest and the most important product, SoKay Kare. Instead of separate a la carte products that we already have for their own purposes, such as the reminders, templates and Launchpad, SoKay Kare is a full-experience concierge package that we hope to provide our users with more comprehensive (and smart) help.

How does it work? It’s simple. Just let us know that you need us to handle a loan request (or something already ongoing) and we will start by sending both you and the borrower (or the lender if you’re borrowing) a mini questionnaire based on which the terms of the Promissory Note can be generated and agreed upon. It’s awkward for friends to discuss things like interest or penalty – we know that and that’s why SoKay takes “Kare” of that. Once the agreement is built properly, you are off to a good start. Then we will send reminders when the due date is up, help you renegotiate if necessary (with payment plan and stuff), refer you to legal services, again, if it has to be, and, in the end, register your claim on The Red Register if the worst scenario happens.

So basically it’s an integrated program that includes the services we already have but delivered in a more humanized way. You can still use the services/products separately. It really depends on how much you want SoKay to be involved in a usually two-party scenario.

Wanna have a try? Sure. Come with us.


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