Hi guys,

This is Robyn, founder of this small start-up in the middle of the buzzing New York City. I am writing this letter to personally thank you for your interest, your willingness to try something new and your trust in us (again, a small start-up). We can only keep going and improving ourselves to better help you and everyone else in the days to come.

Robyn shows you how she eats a big imaginary burger.

SoKay was launched a little more than three weeks ago, although I constantly felt that it had been much longer. It has also been very different than what I was expecting. There were lots of changes once we put the original version out and realized we could simply do more (and better). If you were one of the very few patrons that visited us on the first three days, it’s quite obvious that the SoKay now looks entirely different, especially on the functionality side. We’ve added Chatbots, Bobo and Momo, to help you navigate the site and get help. Bobo is responsible for everything other than SoKay Kare Program, which is a special concierge service section we carved out for more customized and personalized care. Don’t worry – you will have Bobo’s best friend, Momo, to greet and assist you. Momo will provide advice and take you to our SoKare (SoKay Kare) Squad if things are kind of complicated or you’d just want some human time. You hate those automated customer service phone directories that “boost” your blood pressure? Yea, me too. We don’t do that. Never.

We’ve also introduced Launchpad, a service to help borrowers and lenders figure out better terms for their loan agreements, which is usually a socially unacceptable/impossible thing to do between friends and family. It was designed to be lighthearted and fun. We hope that you’d find that useful when you are in a situation that warrants that. Of course, we are sill making it better and more effective, with the help of some big data analysis.

The most surprising thing that yet makes total sense is that the most popular product so far is the agreements, predominantly the secured Promissory Note Template. Recently, we upgraded the templates to make them fillable. Next, we will work on making it easier to sign online for both parties. I personally think that it is a pretty necessary feature. For the time being, you can click download and share the link in your browser if you want to send it to someone else.  Yes, we decided to change last night from directly downloading to opening it in the browser first. It does take one more second, but now it will be a lot easier if you actually want to share the link as well. For the future, we will put out service change/product upgrade log to announce any change. 

By today, our product line for this phase is complete and all loaded. We are still automating some of the functions to increase efficiency. Bobo and Momo are also going through a learning curve, but they are becoming smarter and better day by day. We welcome you to try them both and leave feedback for us to make further improvements.

In the next weeks, our focus will be shifted from product development to business development. You will see some marketing efforts from us and a campaign to do nothing but promote the SoKay Protocol. We want to create an environment for more responsible lending and borrowing behavior between friends and family. Without this healthy environment in place as the foundation, no matter how advanced the technology gets, it’s still extremely difficult to change people’s behavior even when it is such a necessary and positive direction. We will start working on the next phase, which is a FinTech transformation to fundamentally protect the lenders from the downsides of FnF loans. We will post updates regarding this process on this website and set up a beta testing wait-list early next year. If you would like, follow us any time on social media sites or subscribe to our newsletters.

Thank you for reading my long letter. I have been wanting to write it for a while but was caught up in too many things during our alpha/beta launch. Should you have any questions or comment, please leave it here or send us an email to the attention of Robyn. I look forward to reading your feedback.

Thank you once again. See you in the next Robyn’s Letter letter.

Have a lovely weekend,



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