Hi guys,

This is your SoKay Team again. We’ve been constantly improving and experimenting with user interface and user experience design to make it easier for you to navigate the website and make use of our services. We dropped the idea of using a user system early on in order to achieve a more direct delivery in this stage. We’ll have an advanced system for later phase.

Action Center

We put in an Action Center today to improve the navigation with degree of automation. It’s an automated system to take some info from you and show you where you should head or simply take care of the smaller tasks within the system.

Action Center

SoKay for Borrowers

It’s quite self-explanatory: this section is for the borrowers, mainly when they are considering taking a loan from a friend or family. SoKay for Borrowers is built on the SoKay Protocol, with a Launchpad component designed from the borrower’s perspective as its core. It helps a borrower increase the chances of getting such a loan from friends and family by adopting more professional and responsible behavior and a softer engaging approach (the most difficult part is how to ask for it in the first place). It’s also to demonstrate to the potential lenders that they can and should use instruments to manage risks, as recommended by the Protocol. You can use the SoKay Borrower Control Panel to explore services and functionalities.

We will keep working on the SoKay Borrower section to deliver better experience and stronger products.


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