Holiday season is here again, which means, hello gift and dinner party time!

It also means there will be a lot of group bills happening, from paying a big dinner with one credit card to buying an expensive gift in one checkout on behalf of several other people. One person pays first and the rest kick in their shares after. Fair right? With all the payment apps, it should be also super easy, right? Well, just like every thing else, sometimes, things don’t happen as expected.

As a matter of fact, almost 44% of the people say they have been owed money when paying for a group bill. Some of them never got their money back. So, if you have had that experience before, you’re not alone.

Our next FinTech app will have this problem solved. Before that, we just launched a small free tool to do some of the work and hopefully it can help you a bit.

The group bill tool mainly services two purposes: 1. calculation 2. communication

Enter the total bill amount, group size and then the tool will show how much each group member should chip in. You can then enter the members’ email addresses and our system will send out a payment note.

Of course, whether or not people actually pay their share after receiving the note is out of our control at the moment. However, in most cases involving close friends, a nudge is kind of enough. 🙂

Let us know if you have any questions or how you think it can be improved.

Happy holidays!


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