Life is hard to predict. No matter how well you know someone, when money is involved, it’s always wise to have something in writing to record such events, for mutual protection.

Whether you are now borrowing money from someone you know or being asked to lend to one, we would recommend that you use an agreement.

You can easily find templates on the Internet. There are many sites that provide advanced build-your-own-contract services, such as Rocket Lawyer,, LawDepot, etc.

SoKay provides a more humanized version of these instruments here, which focuses on social responsibilities and potential perils.

Want to negotiate better terms, such as interest, penalty, collateral or putting down only a portion of the amount requested from you? 

This is an unsecured Promissory Note template, used when there is no collateral involved.
The version for download is fillable.

Do you need repayment reminder service so you don’t have to remind your borrower yourself?

This is a secured Promissory Note template, used when there is collateral involved.
* You might need to consult a lawyer and file a UCC-1 to perfect it.
The version for download is fillable.

Installment Payments may be a good renegotiation strategy. You can choose to take a collateral too. Try!

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