Holiday season is here again, which means, hello gift and dinner party time! It also means there will be a […]
Hey guys, SoKay Communication Master is here. What is that and how does it work? We all know communication is […]
Hi guys, This is your SoKay Team again. We’ve been constantly improving and experimenting with user interface and user experience […]
Hey guys, We are so excited to announce today that the SoKay Protocol 1.0 is released to the public. It’s […]
Hey guys, Great news – we just upgraded you favorite legal document templates to fillable versions. Yep, all of them. […]
Ladies and gentlemen, May we have the honor to present to you, our latest and the most important product, SoKay […]
Want to know how Launchpad can help you when your friend hits you with a message saying he wants to […]
Say your friend just texted you that he wanted to borrow some money – no big deal – just a […]
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