“What should I do if I am about to get involved in a Friends and Family loan?”

Use SoKay Group Bill Fronting Tool to remind others to pay you back when you front a group bill

Use SoKay Launchpad to set terms for your loan agreements, such as interest, late penalties and collaterals.

Use SoKay Agreements to protect your best interest and the relationships.

“So we just did a loan. Now what can I do?”

Use SoKay Reminder to set up automated repayment reminders.

“The repayment is not happening on time. What can we do?”

Use SoKay Past Due Notice to send a past due notification.

Use SoKay Payment Plan to break the deadlock and renegotiate repayment.

Use SoKay Third Party Help to find professional legal and financing help.

Use SoKay’s The Red Register to report bad borrowers and bad borrowing experiences.

“Hi, can SoKay help me manage it? It’s difficult to deal with friends and family.”
Want SoKay to assist you and take care of the case flow? No problem. Try SoKay Kare.