Does it feel awkward to remind your friends that…

It’s time to pay you back like you’re being a terrible terrible person?

Yea, we totally understand that struggle. Our reminder service, kind of, helps you with that. With your authorization, we’ll send cute and also serious reminders to your borrower to let them know it’s time to, happily and thankfully, pay you back. Well, if you don’t want that much trouble filling out this and that, we can send one-time messages for you. Setup is super easy, just a few simple clicks.

Are you interested in one-time reminder or recurring ones?

Past Due Notice.

For the loans that are already way past due, we can send a past due notice on your behalf. We recommend that you also include a payment plan offer in the letter. Apply through the reminder service form below and make sure to check the past due notice box. If you only want to send a simple notice, click the yellow button to proceed.


We would prefer users that have used our own agreement templates. It doesn’t mean we will reject others, but our own templates will make everything much more convenient for us.


We prefer the agreements to be notarized when you do recurring, so we can operate and do that little push with more confidence! Notarization is  so easy  and really useful when disputes arise.


Your information is safe with us and, by using our service, you need to be okay with our privacy policies. SoKay doesn’t profit from selling personal data, so we don’t share that behind your back – just want to point that out here.


We are not in the business of collecting debt for you – we’ll recommend some professional licensed collection agencies to do that though when situations get ugly. There are fees and commissions – make sure you understand the terms.

Recurring Reminder Application

I am applying for SoKay Reminder service.I am applying for SoKay Past Due Notice service.

I want to send reminders in emails.I want to send reminders in texts.

Due to compliance, for recurring reminders, please submit the authorization form signed by the reminder recipients.