The Red Register is a semi-crowdsourced database that records self-reported claims of bad “acquaintance/FnF loans” as well as existing court rulings of such nature.

Due to its unique nature, for the time being, the Register is inquiry-based to protect privacy. It is also kept off the server to prevent hacking and leaking. Please note that The Register only acts as a record keeper of such bad loan claims and takes no position in judging their validity and accuracy. A case ruled in the court of law will be acknowledged and marked as so.

We do preliminary checking before documenting a claim to prevent abuse. However, this basic scan does not guarantee, to any extent, the authenticity and reliability of the claim information. 

how to use the register to check on someone

Use the inquiry form to request a check. Submit name and email/any personal detail and our system will get back to you with the results.

How to report someone to The Red Register

Use the report form to report a case. Submit information with supporting evidence. We will get back to you with a confirmation once it is registered.

what material is needed for registration

We support and respect freedom of speech, but we do watch out for false allegations. Please submit reasonable evidence and documents when filing.


Yes, I am requesting a check on someone. (required)


Yes, I am reporting a bad acquaintance loan case to The Red Register. (required)

The Red Register is a public record keeper that accepts submissions of bad acquaintance loan claims. In order to prevent abuse, the Register conducts basic information/evidence checking on such claims. The final decision whether to register a claim is at the company’s sole discretion. However, the status of being registered is not an indicator of the legitimacy of a claim nor does it mean anything beyond the fact that one person has filed such a claim. The Register is not a government authority and shall not be assumed, presented or used as one.
If you believe that you have been wrongfully included in the database, please get in touch with us. Our services are all free, so expect a longer turnaround time when we experience high case volumes.